Halloween in San Francisco

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Last weekend when I visited my best friend in Sacramento, I decided to stop in San Francisco on the way back to San Diego because I could (its kind of a spontaneous trait of mine). I went with the intentions of taking pictures and walking around. I would love to say that I went somewhere new but usually when I visit a place I love like San Fran, I usually go to the places that I like the best. This meant Haight Street and my favorite ice cream place IN THE WORLD Bi-Rite Creamery. I stopped at a coffee shop and got some work done and even went somewhere new (pictures of that in a future blog post). It was incredibly cold (at least compared to what I'm use to living in San Diego/LA) which I was unprepared for but it was still nice to walk around and I noticed all the decorative pieces around people's houses. 

I've always loved Halloween but for some reason it seems like this year especially. I'm super excited for all the things I can do Halloween night, I'm excited to dress up, I was excited to find a pumpkin, and I was excited for every Halloween opportunity to come up (me and birdie saw The Book of Life and it was great!). 

More Halloween/Fall blog post soon...

Happy Blogging. 

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