Race #3 of 2015

Saturday, March 21, 2015

March was suppose to be the Mud Run but when the date arrived two weeks ago, I still had gotten no email about where the race was suppose to be held or what time. What was worse was that the race was given two dates for SD. I had the email that said it was that day and then the site saying it wasn't until September. That day was a bummer when we drove downtown searching for it and saw nothing. 

The great thing about living in Southern California though is that there is no shortage of 5K's. So I frantically searched for a 5K that both me AND Birdie could do because she has implied that everytime she can be part of a race, she wants to be part of a race. So it came down to St. Patricks Day and The Race for Autism. We decided on the Race for Autism because it gave us more time to prepare, it was held in beautiful Balboa Park and we got to dress up like super heroes. I ran a 5K with  Birdie in a stroller and then Lillee ran/walked a 1mile race. Only 9 more races to go!

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Monday, March 2, 2015

This pretty lady was looking to get photos done for her expanding business. Might I add, it was a dermatology business and she had the prettiest skin I have ever seen. We decided to stroll around Balboa Park soaking in the sunlight. Alyssa ended up telling me that she had moved to San Diego from the east coast but telling from the photos, you would have never guessed! 

Valentine's Day Brunch at Darling Magazine

Monday, February 16, 2015

This Valentine's Day, I had the pleasure of being at the Darling Magazine Valentine's Day Brunch. The magazine holds different events around LA which is one of the great things about living close to the city so I decided to take the opportunity and being a part of this great time. Being incredible shy, I had a bit of a hard time introducing myself, especially with Birdie with me, but everyone there was incredible friendly and welcoming. I'll be sure to be going back again. 
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