About Me

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hello There!

I'm Aleisha. 

Blogger for Button For a Bird or BFAB for short. The name originated from my friend nicknaming me Button and me nicknaming my daughter Bird.

I'm grew up in Portland, OR but have lived plenty of other places and currently reside in both San Diego and near LA. I go to school at California State University Northridge getting a degree in Deaf Studies. 

I am also a musician. I've performed by myself since 2010 and in 2012 joined a band called the Llamadors. Even though I have gotten much encouragement and love from my bandmates, I have decided a break from the band during school but please look for them on Facebook and check out one of there shows if you reside in the San Diego area. 

I am also a mother. My daughter's name is Lillee but as I said before, I call her Bird because as a baby, my mother called her "Lillee Bird". She takes up most of my time. 

Since I have a hard time labeling what kind of blog this is, I consider it a lifestyle blog. It is mostly a place for my random thoughts and photography. I currently have no blog projects but I am always up for collaborating with companies and other bloggers, especially on anything that is creative or deals with clothing! I am also open to negotiating photography inquiries. 

To all readers, please follow me on BlogLovin, Pinterest and Instagram and I encourage comments and questions! You are much appreciated. 

You can contact me at burtonaleisha@yahoo.com
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