How I Celebrate the Holidays

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I don't know how to start the holiday season but this is how I do it. 

Get out those holiday candles 
The best way to start celebrating the holidays is to have your apartment/house/cardboard box smell like the holidays. Start of with some apple spice to pay respects to the forgotten Thanksgiving Holiday and then go crazy with egg nog and pine scented candles for the next month and a half (preferably separately)! 

Make/Buy as many pumpkin pies as possible. 
Truthfully, the only pies that I have ever really loved that were store bought were the pumpkin pies from Costco (I swear they must put crack in there). I always try to give other store pies a chance when I'm too lazy to make my own but I'm usually disappointed. And the great thing about making your own pies is there are so many options. You can make vegan, gluten free, hazelnut pumpkin, pecan pumpkin, pumpkin pie doughnuts, pumpkin pie smoothies, even pumpkin pie martinis for those who REALLY want to celebrate the holidays! Whats best is the memories you create when making with pies with family, like me making pies with birdie. 

Christmas Lights (are not just for christmas!) 
I'm the weirdo that decorates the house year long with christmas lights. For some reason, they just make my day brighter (no pun intended). But you can get a variety of different colored lights and no one said that christmas lights had to go on just the tree and the mantle place. Decorate your desk chair, your bedpost, even your bike if you want a challenge. Like I said, I prefer year round, but the holidays is the valid excuse to explode in christmas lights. 

Holiday Crafts 
This most likely only applies to crafters who use shopping sprees at Michaels or people who have children (or both, like me). But the holidays are a great reason to make a lot of different types of decorations, especially when times are tight. The holidays are also MEANT to bring people today (not eat a bunch of insane food and go broke buying gifts) and not to sound like a dork but crafts are a great way to get together and socialize. 

Appreciate Thanksgiving
I did mention christmas lights (shame of me) but I truly don't like when people start going crazy about christmas LITERALLY the day after Halloween. ITS NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING PEOPLE! Christmas is nice and pretty but also completely crazy and as much I want to see my daughter happy on Christmas, I don't like that she's been brainwashed that christmas is all about gifts. I've never liked this concept and lets all try to be respectful of the holiday before Christmas. Besides, its about food and being with people you love, whats better than that? 

One last word, be nice to vegetarians and vegans on Thanksgiving. 
Not the easiest of holidays and not everyone has great family members that cook an entire meal around "the vegetarian". Honestly I kind of get pissed when I have vegetarian friends that brag about that kind of thing. "Just stick the knife in a bit deeper." 

Happy Blogging! 

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