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Saturday, November 30, 2013

I'm not very good at pacts, cleanses, detoxes, or any sort of plan that requires a certain amount of self control. 

I've done it. I've accomplished it. That doesn't mean I'm good at it. But what ultimately makes it easier and provides more motivation is when you do it with someone. This is actually how I achieved the master cleanse, when I did it with a friend. This is where Janice comes in...

Janice is my best friend who I met when I was living in Redding, CA with my parents. We bonded over a love for eating healthy, being vegetarians and our obsessive love for biking. We even have the same birthday (except born a year apart). The last summer we both lived in Redding, we spent almost every waking moment together (and sometimes sleeping moments). We would bike all over Redding averaging at least 30 miles per day. I became a regular at her house. We took road trips to Chico and Portland. When we werent together, we would text how we missed each other. It was kind of sickening how close we bonded in a small amount of time. And then she went to college in Sacramento and I went to San Diego to start a new life.

When we both lived our separate lives, we still talked to each other. Janice was exploring Sacramento, started a new relationship and was having a great time at school. I was getting use to where I was living and starting school again and deciding what I wanted to do with my life. Thats when we started running. 

Janice has lost a significant amount of weight because she made a change in her lifestyle with her eating habits. She is even a nutrition major now. But with a start in a new place, Janice wanted to start running to add to her healthy regime. And I wanted to start running because it was the one thing I hated most and I wanted to conquer my fear. We both went at it different ways but ultimately it was once again something that connected us, even though we were so far away. Even though we don't run 3-4 times a week like we did when we started, we still run and consider ourselves runners. 

So why do I bring this up? 

Because of this article HERE, I decided I wanted to do a running streak for the entire month of December. In the article, a man talks about his experience with a running streak from Thanksgiving day to New years. Even on days when a blizzard is out, the goal was at least ONE MILE (thats about 10 minutes of running for me). He said after he got a flow going, it ended up being just a part of his life. I thought this would be a good way to start December, end the semester and begin the new year. 

So I asked Janice to do it with me since she's my partner in crime when it comes to running. Honestly, I expected her to be nice about it and say "I want to but I'm so busy. But I'll cheer you on." Instead this happened...

And so I write to inform those that read this blog is 

I encourage everyone to do some sort of exercise streak but for now, I'll just blog about my experiences. Even when I started running, I was still taking about 2 rest days per week and I wasn't running for 25 minutes constantly. So lets see what happens. I'll update on Janice as well. 

On a side note, when I visited my friends/bandmates in San Diego a few weeks, one of my bandmates told me he started reading my blog. This horrified me. This was the bandmate who started the band, writes the lyrics and is a lawyer. And i'm still in school. I was a little embarrassed that he read my antics about trying to do a cleanse but grateful someone read it at all. So this post is dedicate to Tony, if you're still reading this blog.

Happy blogging. 

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