Day Two

Thursday, October 24, 2013

How I'm Feeling: 

(Not hungry but not satisfied) 

Day two was average. I could eat any fruit or vegetable I wanted, which was great but I also wasn't eating anything I craved. I craved salt and sugar. A nice big burrito exploding with rice and lettuce was not to my advantage. But I ate everything fruit or vegetable I had left whether I thought I wanted it or not. 

I gorged on V8 vegetable juice. 

It was my one thing to go to, sorry to say, probably because of the amount of salt it had in it but how bad can vegetable juice be? I finished it off and had to go buy a new one. Did I notice any changes? No. I had the same amount of energy. Did I feel awful such as symptoms of withdrawal? No but I don't expect that to happen for the next couple of days if everything goes according to plan. So day two was uneventful but I expect it to get worse or better as time goes on. 

Happy Blogging. 

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