Day One

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How I'm feeling: 


The plan was to fast for 24 hours meaning I would eat nothing and drink nothing except water for 24 hours. I was planning on doing this because when I read about proper ways to detox, most websites (not the most credible of information) suggested this, mostly to let your body get a jumpstart on the process. 

I made it about 15 hours before caving. 

Do I feel bad? Not really. That whole amount of time I was thinking how hungry I was and I was thinking about things I'm trying to avoid for the next two weeks like vegan sandwiches, cronuts, or shrimp spring rolls. You know you're a hipster when this kind of stuff is supposedly your junk food. I was literally about to say "Fuck it, I lasted 12 hours. Thats good enough." 

But I didn't. 

Yes I did cave in a sense but instead of going out, buying candy and locking myself in my bedroom like Golem, instead I went to the grocery store and bought $20 worth of fruits and vegetables along with my ultimate favorite item of lately, V8 vegetable juice. And then I gorged. 

On the way home, I ate an entire thing of raspberries. When I got home I drank two full glasses of vegetable juice and ate half a container of mushrooms and wrapped up my binge with a plate full of broccoli. 

Do I feel bad? A little...but not really. 

Its kind of like cheating on someone who abuses you or takes advantage of you. Yes, technically it is wrong but you don't feel that bad about it and no one around you does either. I'm not doing this raw food cleanse to lose weight but to DETOX. And even though I went a little overboard after not eating for 12+ hours, its not anything compared to only drinking maple syrup and lemonade for ten days. The fact that I can have any fruit or vegetable, any amount at any time is ultimately reassuring. Right now as I sit here, I have a container full of vegetables and vegetable juice right next to that. 

So day one did not exactly go how I planned. But I'm okay with that and I'm still continuing the cleanse. 

Happy Blogging. 

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