Day Three

Friday, October 25, 2013

How I'm feeling: 


So day three was a total relapse. Not the relapse like "I'm hungry - go out and buy a bunch of veggies and fruits" relapse but the "I'm having a stressful day - go out and buy a bunch of candy" relapse. This time I do feel bad. I had midterms that I was really nervous about, missing family, had a lot on my mind like always, plus I was hungry. 

I haven't been starving myself. 

But I also have not been eating what my body is telling me it wants. So around the end of my literature midterm, my hand was in incredible pain because it started cramping towards finishing and then when I turned it in my professor told me I had to write it all over pen. I was about to cry by the time I was ACTUALLY finished. Plus I had to go home to read two chapters in my text book and then write a review. Something due in the morning. 

So I said "fuck it." 

Went to the school store, bought some sour candy and some fig newtons and went to town while watching "the walking dead" when I got back to my apartment. And it felt really satisfying but I felt like maybe I ruined my whole experience. No i'm not proud of what I did but this does not mean I'm quitting. I fell off the wagon and then I got back on. 

In other news...

I have been noticing small changes. My energy is still the same but I think that may be the result of bad sleeping patterns. Changes I have seen is I'm looking slimmer, particularly in my legs. This is most likely because even though I've been doing the cleanse for a few days, I bike everywhere so my legs are getting healthier. I also live in a third-floor apartment which probably contributes some. I've also been noticing my skin is looking better. I've struggled with skin problems as long as I can remember but I've always notice once I start eating a majority of fruits and veggies, my skin clears up fast. Its nice to not have to worry about my skin. Because of the relapse and because I'm starting to get use to only raw foods, I'm going to start running again this weekend. We will see how much it effects my body in terms of energy. If my body can't take it, then I'll put it off till after I'm done cleansing. 

Happy Blogging. 

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