Happy Fourth

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Of July 
The Fourth of July was simply that. It was anything you could expect it to be. You spend the day sleeping in because it's the summer and then you spend time with your incredibly loud family, watching dumb movies you otherwise wouldn't consider while waiting for the burgers on the grill to cook (or veg-kabobs for us vegetarians). The night ended well with a spontaneous decision to drive to the most crowded place in town to watch the fireworks but ultimately it was worth it. As I laid on the blanket with my friends and little girl, the fireworks went off directly over our heads as if we were watching shooting stars in the sky. With Birdie in my arms, I just enjoyed the moment, the *BOOM* of the fireworks in sync with my heartbeat. I didn't expect it but the day was content. A good summer day. 

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