Peter Parker

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

To add to the cat themes, I unexpectedly snuggled with a kitten by the name of Peter Parker. My entire family (even though we love the other breeds of animals just as equally) are cat people. My aunt has 3-5 cats, my grandma has 3-4 cats, my daughter has two cats and even though it technically isn't mine, I live with one cat. So it wasn't much surprise that after I had driven close to 8 hours from LA to Redding, I arrived at my house to find a small grey kitten called Bonnie and was told how a box of two kittens were found near the side of the road that my cousin found and one was adopted by my aunt and the other my cousin. 

I picked up the kitten Peter and scratched beneath his chin and his eyes slowly started to close and all limbs went numb as he fell asleep in my arms. In the background my cousin kept saying "you're such a hipster. Always instagramming cat" while my aunt kept saying "he lets you cuddle with him but not me". What can I say? He needed a place to sleep, I needed someone to cuddle with. 

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