We got a dog!

Sunday, October 16, 2016


We have had him for a little over two weeks and he is a rescue. We got him from the Animal Services Department of San Diego where he was picked up as a stray. I was not expecting to get a dog so soon. But all of a sudden I had the money and I just couldn't get the idea of adopting out of my head. I looked, went to check him out and left with him that same day without a thing of supplies at my disposal, let alone a plan. 

I have wanted to get a dog for awhile and also include one in Lillee's life for a number a reasons. Introduce responsibility, gain a new family member, have a new running partner and most importantly, a way to help with my moderate depression and anxiety. Even though Cosmo is not a service dog (and I have looked into getting one), studies show simply petting a dog decreases stress and let me tell you, even with the ups and downs of having a new dog including destroyed carpet, separation anxiety issues and even a brief moment of being lost, I have never felt so sure of my decision to get him. With school, work, being a mother and dealing with a not so average relationship (but really, what relationships are average?), it has made me so happy to come home everyday, lie in bed and just have Cosmo come up and rest his head on my lap. With every issue, I find myself just taking a deep sigh and going "its okay cause I love you." And then I clean up the mess. That makes me believe that even though I have wanted a dog for awhile, now was the right time to finally get one because I am ready for it. 

This week are his official training sessions at the Humane Society and I can't tell you how excited I am. He is so incredibly smart and for the most part, well behaved. I'm so looking forward to the future and the great dog he can progress more into. What can I say? I'm officially a dog mom. 

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