First "home"

Sunday, September 25, 2016

In August, it was time to leave the small one bedroom apartment in San Diego and move 15 minutes away into a house with my friends. I was so excited. I finally got a house with my own room (I slept in the dining area/makeshift bedroom in my old place while Birdie got the bedroom), a backyard, a laundry machine!!! All these things I never thought I would get. And for less than I was paying. 

But, I'd be leaving the first real place I ever had on my own. The first place I had with just Birdie and me. And the first place I had when I met the love of my life. We met there on our first date. We spent our first night together there. We fell in love in that small little house. So when I told him, he was happy but sad to be leaving and I forgot how much this little place meant to me. So I took a few pictures before we left. I meant to take more. I meant to have a little photoshoot but after moving everything, I was sweaty and tired and ready to move on. But I am happy I have these few photos to look at and remember it by. 

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