And so it begins...

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Last time I posted was at the end of summer camp and I was just heading home after a hectic summer. I was looking forward to everything but nervous for the future. In reality, my goal was to find an apartment, have birdie be back in San Diego and ready for school/work by September 8th. That was three weeks and guess what...I did it. I kind of can't believe it myself. 

I was lucky enough to find the cutest old fashion cottage for me and birdie in the exact location I wanted. I will probably spend the next month decorating, getting rid of things and making it perfect but for the most part, everything to ready for us two ladies to begin the year and its looking very promising so far. 

While the day is hectic, I kind finally starting looking/proposing to new photography clients and start posting more regularly on the blog! 

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