Amoeba in San Francisco

Monday, October 27, 2014

Now I can say I've visited two Amoebas! Before I moved to LA, I never heard of Amoeba but I quickly learned what that was all about when I asked people "hey where should I explore?" Then it changed even more when I actually started BUYING records. Literally in a matter of months, my record collection has grown immensely. I even joined a record club that sends me records so I don't even have to go to the store. Yep. 

Then it was brought to my attention that there is not just one Amoeba in California but two! I would love to say that when I was in San Fran, I just thought to myself "oh I should go to Amoeba." But no, that's not what happened. I ended up falling upon it when I was walking up and down Haight street and voila! I thought "when in rome...". I didn't spend much time in there because I was already in a bit of a rushed mood but I also didn't have the patience to walk around the entire store to adequately look for a record I would appreciate and why would I buy a record I didn't actually really want??? 

I ended up strolling around taking pictures, getting weird glances and occasionally looking through old rock records for classics that sometimes you just can't find ( hm...dolly parton...). 

Happy Blogging. 

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