Spring Freakin Break

Friday, April 4, 2014

Are you? 

I don't know what kind of readers I attract at BFAB so I have no idea what kind of lives all of you may have. But being a full time student, full time mom, full time chinchilla owner, part time intern and part time blogger, my plate is full. 

But I am extremely happy about the upcoming Spring Break this week.

My plans have been chaotic and few. "Let's go on a road trip." "Let's go camping." "Maybe I'll go off by myself for a bit." "Maybe I'll just turn my phone off and sleep a week straight." 

But the plan ended up being having Birdie stay with me for a whole week and I have a big mess of plans for us which I plan on sharing with all of you. Hopefully you will be interested enough to check it out. 

Happy Spring Break 
Happy Blogging!

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