Happy Easter

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter. 

I'm not religious nor do I have any religious affiliation at this point in time but a few weeks ago, Birdie asked if I was going to celebrate Easter and I said I wasn't. She asked why and I told her that I am not very religious and that I wasn't very connected to the holiday. To which she replied "you mean, you don't like bunnies and chocolate eggs?!" 
So, when Lillee came to visit for Spring Break, we were doing some grocery shopping and we walked by the Easter aisles. When Lillee grazed over the numerous boxes of Easter Egg Decorating kits, I couldn't help but ask "do you want to decorate some eggs?" Birdie's eyes lit up. Who knew a box that cost about $2 could mean so much to a six year old. I had panned to do it about three days after we had got the kits but everyday before that time, she would ask "can we decorate eggs today?" 

Hope everyone has a nice Spring-Time-Chocolate-Egg-Bunny-Holiday. 

Happy Blogging!

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