Pigment in San Diego

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pigment is one of my favorite stores in SD. 

It is a pretty typical eclectic store. Tons of homemade jams (and they have caramel), modern century furniture and lots of DIY terrariums. But I enjoy it none the last. I always find things I can never find anywhere else (such as my daughter's nature journal) and I also get inspired by the designs. 

I also got my first volume of Kinfolk. I've heard mixed reviews about the recently published cookbook but I like this magazine that runs out of Portland (bonus points!). This volume is all about age and how things get better with time. I'm throughly enjoying the essays. 

"I want to watch the people I'm close to grow old partly because I wish I knew them all as kids. I want to watch their grips not the world loosen, their souls knock around inside their all-at-once ill-fitting bodies. It seems to me that youth and old age might mirror one another in this way." 

Happy Blogging! 

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