BFAB for Bonlook

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

You may not know this but I am practically blind. 

Since the age of 8 (and probably before that) I have needed glasses and the need for them has only gotten worse over the years. So I have plenty of experience of getting eye appointments, having my pupils dilated and going through the long and expensive process of finding the right pair of glasses. 

Until I heard of Bonlook. 

I should wear my glasses all the time but I don't which is why in a lot of my photos you can see me not wearing glasses. That just means that WHEN I DO WEAR GLASSES, I'm very picky about the frames. When I heard of Bonlook, I was happy that not only did they have a ton of styles that I liked but that they were about 1/3 the price that I normally would pay for a pay of glasses. 

So when Bonlook asked if I would like to do a post on their new Spring line I said of course. I would endorse Bonlook to anyone who wears glasses because they are comfortable, affordable and most importantly, stylish. 

I'm also in love with the graphics that have for their new spring line. 

Reminds me of Geninne's Art Blog

To see their new line CLICK HERE

My favorite is  Glamazon in Brown Sugar. What's yours? 

Happy Blogging!


  1. i think a product could be total crap and if they had good packaging, graphics, etc, i'd be sold!


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