Happy New Year

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Was it the greatest year? Not so much. But were there plenty of changes and challenges? Most definitely and it is my belief that one should have many challenges within their life to become a stronger person. This year I played shows with my band, transferred to university to work on my BA degree, traveled to throughout California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington DC, and made the move to LA.

 It has been quite a year but that is to say, I am relieved that the year has ended and a new year has begun. The last few months, I have tried my best to give myself some time to adjust to my surroundings and give myself a little peace. But now I believe I am ready to conquer some of the challenges the year has in store for me. Such as finding where I belong in my school, how I plan to work on my music and finding a balance between my life in LA and San Diego.  

So I wish everyone a Happy New Year (though I hardly like to wish people this at all) and that hopefully everyone had a safe night. I was lucky enough not to be one of many who had a hangover from the night before. 

Happy Blogging.

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