Running Streak Is Over

Monday, December 30, 2013

Miles Total: 34.14

"And she goes down for the count." 

So the running streak is over. So far what I have learned is that I'm not very good at streaks or cleanse or anything for a long period of time but hey, I can do a ten hour drive by myself with only two stops. 

I completed over 50% of my running streak so yes, I am proud of that. But I swear, the last week, running kept feeling like a chore and that is not a good feeling. Finally when I got a cold (one for the first time in over a year), my body in constant pain, my throat sore and not being able to breathe for my nose, I decided it was time to stop torturing myself. I also made many mistakes during this time which probably resulted in my final decision quit. 

Mostly, I was not eating the right foods. 

I wasn't eating junk food constantly but I wasn't eating foods that are vital for running and repairing your muscles. This includes nuts or nut butters, eggs or oatmeal. I wasn't even eating a lot of vegetables or fruit. So even though I was stretching my muscles out properly, using a foam roller and pacing myself, that was all healing the outside of my body. I wasn't healing or recovering the inside of my body and to be a steady runner, you HAVE to do both. 

And so my birthday was passed (which I had a wonderful time), Christmas has passed and the New Year is almost here and of course I plan to make some resolutions but maybe not so stressful or controlling for my body as running streaks or juice cleanse. 

One step at a time is what is best for me. 
And I'm not going to fight whats best. 

Happy Blogging!

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