Guess Who Got A New Camera

Friday, January 24, 2014

I remember since the young age of eight, I was always taking pictures. 

And not pictures of people posing, smiling and saying cheese for the camera. I took pictures of what I thought people wouldn't notice. A hidden conversation in the snow. My little brother's distorted figure in the bathtub. My stepdads exhausted face at a day in the park. I played around with filters, colors, lighting and shadow. I had a big interest in photography and for a long time thought it was going to become my major in college. 

Then I took a film photography class in college. 

And my interest in majoring in photography went down the drain. I found the class tedious and frustrating. It wasn't the mechanics behind developing film and experimenting with contrast. I enjoyed that part throughly and took pride in beating my time it took me to unroll and develop my film in pure darkness. But it was the fact that I was told what to take pictures of. It was also that I felt my creativity was being suppressed by being given deadlines for my artwork and I realized, if I try to become a professional photographer, that is exactly what my art would become, work. It wouldn't be fun for me anymore. This is actually a key reason why I'm hesitant to take music classes in college as well. 

But a las, that doesn't mean my creativity has disappeared. Quite the opposite. I still see the world in frames and have constant ideas with how I can play with color and light and capturing beauty in things people may not notice. So I got a new camera. 

I got a used Canon 5D mark ii with an 85mm lens (to start). I have been eying this camera for years and I finally went on a hunt for a good bargain. The camera came in the mail yesterday and so I've decided to spend the weekend playing around with it, getting use to its settings and such. 

All I can say is it might be the best purchase Ive made since my bike and my mac. I love it. Even if I may be an awful photographer (you have to work your way up), I love the potential this camera can give me. I am once again reminded how much I am an artist and not in just the musical sense. 

So here is to the Canon 5D mark ii and to a new era of BFAB. 

Happy Blogging! 

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