Cupcakes And College

Monday, July 8, 2013

The whole day can be described in two words: college and cupcakes. Or at least that was the highlight of my day. It started out quite stressful because I woke early and didn't stop moving and when I finally had a chance to rest, it was only for a few minutes before I had to get back up and start over...and its only Monday! The first thing to happen was I found out I was accepted in California State University of Northridge which is a big relief off my shoulders because now I can plan for the year ahead of me. But of course, I have the rest of the summer to worry about.

Birdie and I ended the day by making Strawberry Summer Cupcakes. It was simply using a cake mix and cutting bits of strawberries into the batter but Birdie loved it and anything to build her independence is a reward for me. I await the moments tomorrow and what it may mean for my future. But at least today was simply college and cupcakes. 

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