Annie Clark

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Recently I found a collection of photographs of Annie Clark of St. Vincent that were taken before she went on tour to promote her insanely popular album St. Vincent. My mood has changed about her music. I still love her and truly think she is an artist but sometimes things change when your favorite musician all of sudden gains this huge amount of popularity, for both fans and the artist alike. Either way, love these photographs and found them inspiring. 

"Obviously my favorite thing is playing music, writing music, working on putting a show together, being on tour—anything that’s actually the art. The other stuff I just approach like a professional. Everyone has parts of their job that are not their favorite thing in the world, but you know, whatever, suck it up and do it."

See all photographs HERE


  1. I love this pictures! I've always wondered what it'd be like to meet the 'real' Annie Clark, not that she's super different in person, but you know she just seems like a cool gal. She definitely has a lot of energy on stage when I've seen her live.


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