Grilled Cheese

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I don't eat/like milk or cheese so these pictures might be a little confusing but I do like watching people cook, especially people that seem so into what they are cooking, even if its something simple like a grilled cheese. 

The last few days, weeks in fact, have been a bit lazy. The occasional yoga class happens, I play my guitar, I read my book, I hang out with friends. But really my mind is avoiding all the upcoming plans I need to make. Such as finding a place before school starts, getting all my books, sorting out all my stuff and helping my daughter's father prepare for her arrival before school starts. You think you're life is busy enough and then you add on the role as a parent and busy doesn't even seems to cover the half of it. 

I've been lazy lately not because I'm dreading the upcoming hectic and chaotic year ahead of me but because I'm holding on to each and every last summer moment I can. I know I should be looking for an apartment and preparing for school but I'm also enjoying staying in bed late, having late night hangouts at diners or deciding to have spontaneous road trips because while my daughter is away at her grandparents, why not take the opportunity? 

Its also meant not constantly having my camera by my side. There came a time when my daughter was born that I did want to take photos constantly but then suddenly, I would want to stop and just enjoy the moment. Enjoy the moment everyone. Possibly turn your phone off for an hour or so. 

Happy Blogging!

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