Donut Bar, San Diego

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Donut Bar (in San Diego) is by far one of my favorite spots. Being from Portland, the home of Voodoo Doughnuts, there was a point last year that I craved a maple bacon bar (even though I'm a vegetarian). So I went to see if there was a gourmet donut place in San Diego because they have to have at least one, right? Amidst my search came Donut Bar. They change their menu every day, open early and close when they sell out which can be fast! I've gone multiple times hoping to get a particular donut and they'll be out of it by 9am! Recently (or at least since I started going there again) they started making a "crobar", their version on the cronut and OH MY GOD IT'S MAGNIFICENT! I went there yesterday (if you saw my instagrammed raspberry pistachio donut) and when Lillee facetimed me at 7am even though we were only in separate rooms, I asked her "hey you want to go get crobars?" So we made a morning of it. 

We got dressed quickly, drove downtown, talked to each other about what was going on with our lives and then waited in line for donuts (because there was a line before they even opened!). This morning they were giving away superhero themed donuts free for kids in honor of ComicCon. At first Lillee couldn't decide so I made her choose WonderWoman because you know, I'm a feminist. 

If you are ever in San Diego and are a fan of donuts, you should definitely make the effort to wake up early and get in line. They do have Stumptown coffee on tap (once again, spoiled by Portland) and vegan doughnuts but its not that vegan friendly (just a tip). Visit their website and tumblr

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