Alma Haser

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Recently, I was searching up origami for tattoo ideas and I discovered the work of Alma Haser. In 2012, she started a project entitled Cosmic Surgery where she took photos of her subjects, then used their portraits to create origami designs than took another photo of that creation of top of the original subject's face! It is such a neat idea. I've found her work to be incredibly unique which is hard to find in photography. In the video, she talks about the upcoming interactive book she plans to publish of her portraits and her creative process. She gives some good advice. As an artist, you are always looking for inspiration, sometimes being the work of other artists. I know that when I look at beautiful photos of landscapes, it gives me ideas of my own landscape photography but I like Alma's idea of not looking at other people's work because it can make you jealous. She is a true original. 

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