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Monday, March 30, 2015

I am not really one to consider there to be a big difference between reading a book physically (with pages), electronically or listening to an audiobook. I have done all of them and found that as long as I am interested and paying attention, I get the same amount of content and influence from whatever material I choose.

Because I travel constantly, back and fourth between Los Angeles and San Diego every weekend and from San Diego to Northern California and everywhere in between a couple times a year, I find I have a lot of time to myself. I have created a system to use this large amount of time to the best of my ability. I limit my liquids, think about the certain times of day I leave, use the time to meditate but also I listen to audiobooks. A lot of them. Whenever school is in session, I hardly ever have time to read and I prefer audiobooks because I can do two things at once. I can read and run at the same time. I can read and knit at the same time. I can read and simple close my eyes to absorb the content.

And so when I say "I have read these books...", please don't be a jerk and say "listening to an audiobook is not the same as reading." I'm not any less dumb because I'm listening to it and not looking at it.

Here is the list of books I have "read" since the year began...

Fifty Shades of Grey (because I was curious and yes, it was awful)
The Lovely Bones (because I remember liking the movie which as it turns out is nothing like the book)
Bad Feminist (because i've been interested in it for a while and study feminist theory in college)
Eleanor and Park (because it was suggested to me)
Wild (because once again, I want to contact and compare with the movie)

Here is my list for future books...

To Kill A Mocking Bird (because I love it)
The House on Mango Street (because I've heard good things)
Bless Me, Ultima (because I read an article about how it is the book of Generation Y)

I continue to find books that interest me. As long as I have time, I will pursue them. Please leave a suggestion.

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