Saturday, January 24, 2015

A lot has happened recently. In the past week, I gathered up my stuff and headed back to LA to start school. I wrapped up being lazy, hanging out with lillee, photographing constantly and my new music project (for the time being). I started my official last semester of CSU Northridge. Granted, I only went to two of my four classes this week but nonetheless, it was a brand new schedule after just doing whatever I wanted for the last month. Even though many new exciting things are happening, I'm not as stressed out as I feel I should be but it is only the first few days of the semester. Get back to me in a few weeks and I'll probably be pulling out what little hair I have left.

The blog will still continue but just not as much as before as I assume I will be spending my time reading textbooks, writing papers and finishing up the first part of my college experience. First comes a BA, then a MA, maybe a PhD. Who knows.

Happy Blogging. 

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