Day Four Running Streak

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Miles total: 8.95 

Despite it being only day four, I feel optimistic and a ton of a lot better about myself. I notice my skin is clearer, my face is brighter, my body is getting more toned. Not that my weight fluctuates but I'm getting the body I once had when I started running and it altogether makes me feel better about myself. Janice has been keeping her end of the deal as well which makes me feel better. 

The worse part is not the actual running. Like I said, one mile is a pretty easy thing to do. But its getting up from a nap or in the morning or before i go to bed or practically anytime. Usually whenever I have a chance to rest (no work, no classes, no daughter) then I spend it being lazy. Sleeping, reading, watching tv, eating food. So why the hell would I go run? 

But I have kept up so far running everyday and on day three I decided just a mile and I ultimately felt better about myself. So I see good things happening. 

Happy Blogging. 

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